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Laser/IPL and RF ( Radio Frequency)

We offer a full line of Laser treatment procedures

The RF ( Radio Frequency) system provides controlled heat therapy, by using bipolar radio frequency  to tighten skin by focusing laser on shallow and deep layers of tissue, stimulating skin
 tightening and increasing the production of collagen in treated areas.

 The procedure is non invasive and virtually painless.


IPL Laser offers you the latest in  non-traumatic treatments of vascular and pigmented skin lesions, acne, rosacea, skin texture, and fine lines.
The IPL Laser generates an intense beam of light, which generates energy to a specific site through a handpiece connected to the laser.

The IPL Laser treatments include Photo-Facials, which is revolutionary breakthrough for people who suffer from damaged and discolored skin.

The IPL Laser treatment improves the texture, wrinkles, sun damage , age spots, facial redness, like in rosecea, small vessels (spider veins), acne and reduces the size of the pores.
Laser light is absorbed by oxyhemoglobin (red blood cells carrying oxygen) and melanin/pigment ( black or brown) found in the skin causing decomposition or destruction by heat of unwanted cells while leaving healthy cells intact.

The IPL treatments are done not only on the face, but also on neck ,chest, hands, arms, legs.

With  IPL Laser we can also do hair removal
on unwanted areas: face, under arms, arms, legs, chest.

The treatments are gentle safe, with no down time. You are only required to avoid sun exposure for 2 weeks prior and 1 week after laser treatment

You are also advised to use sun block especially after treatment to treated areas. 

You usually need a few treatments, number of treatments varies with each patient.

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